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Sex Therapy

*I desire...
*I feel sexy when...
*We want to enhance our erotic intelligence & sexual pleasure!

Passionfruit and Raspberry Cocktail

Embodiment as a Sexual Being

Our sense of sexual self has been influenced by messages we received from parents/religion/culture/media as well as pornography and early sexual experiences which may have been disappointing and unpleasant.

Simultaneously, it is hard to find a safe space where you have the freedom to talk about your deepest fears about sexual concerns or ask questions around masturbation, inability to orgasm or difficulty sustaining erection.

You do not have to hold your frustrations in silence anymore.

It is completely normal to feel some sense of embarrassment, guilt, or shame before deciding to reach out. I have a specialized training in Sex Therapy and am a member of The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT).

You will be seen as a “whole” multi-dimensional being. You can find a comfort in judgment-free environment and feel confident in your sexual expression.

Together we can connect the dots that surrounds your struggles and explore blocks that are hindering you from feeling alive from inside out.

Seductive Bite

Tantric Sex

A healthy and empowered sex life consists of consent, trust, safety, openness, communication, joy, creativity, playfulness, and pleasure.

Couples who practice Tantric Sex find that they cultivate deeper sense of connection and experience sensual pleasure that is long-lasting.

Sex tend to be something most couples just do, but hardly talk about. The end goal is not the penetrative sex or orgasm, but the expansion of yourself in synchronization with your partner.

Couples who have worked with me reported increased ability to openly communicate desire and needs/wants to each other.

Together we can create a sexual intimacy plan that would enable you and your partner to expand range of your bodies and minds.


Fertility Treatment impacting Sexual Intimacy

While you and your partner are committed to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or other Assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedure to optimize family planning, chances are that the stress and uncertainty that comes with the fertility treatment may have weigh you down and impacted your connection with your partner and you two may have lost the playfulness in the bedroom.

You in isolation may feel like you do not even recognize yourself and lost all that used to make you glow and spark. You may not feel comfortable in your own body due to the hormone medications and strains of recovery from the repeated cycles. Let me support you in reclaiming yourself first. Through our time together in therapy, let us allow yourself just for this moment to focus on you & your body.

And for the supporting partner, I extend an invitation for you to reach out too.

Imagine feeling comfortable, safe, and secure in your partner's embrace again. Let's start there and gradually build up to feeling the electricity in your body with your partner's caress.

Let us not lose the sight of why you two decided to be a parent and come out of the therapy session with the loving feelings being reignited.

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