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What happened to us?

*We fell in love; but now, we feel disconnected.
*Should we stay or go separate ways & move on?
*How do we find our way back to love?



Be Proactive

I provide "workshop style" structured sessions with useful hand outs and worksheets.

  • What makes love last? - understand characteristics of a healthy relationship

  • Identify your Love Styles - how we love

  • Map out conflict patterns

  • Explore warning signs of relationship meltdown

  • Practice effective communication & conflict management skills

  • New Parents - prepare life with baby & be a synchronized parenting team


Lover's Shadows

It's not too late

Are you two feeling frustrated & stuck in the same fights that just seems to get worse and worse with so much hurt & pain, sadness, anger, blame, and resentment?

Are you contemplating a break up or divorce? Should you stay or move on?

  • Get unstuck from repeating arguments or silent disconnection

  • Repair relationship injuries & understand how to move forward

  • Share your longing & fears

  • Learn new ways to communicate to promote understanding & closeness


Hands Holding Balloons

Create a Roadmap

There is a science to co-creating a conscious relationship.

Imagine a relationship that helps you grow into best version of yourself & together you two inspire each other to expand as an emotionally intelligent couple.

  • 30 Days to a Better Relationship

  • Be delicious - keep your love alive & preserve intimacy and romance

  • Identify your needs, shared values and create rituals of connection

  • Increase feelings of trust & playfulness

  • Create a meaningful, satisfying, and pleasurable sexual relationship

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