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Couples in a Committed Relationship


Engaged Couple

Baby Holding Parent

Newly Weds

Marriage Preparation Course to set a strong foundation in 2024!

also known as Premarital Counseling

Proactive couples invest in their future together by learning skills to build a strong foundation and prevent issues.

This course is designed to: explore your strengths; understand differences; discuss important topics that you need to talk before getting married; and prepare for potential challenges by learning relationship and communication skills.

SYMBIS Assessment - Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott

Build a Strong Foundation!

Discuss Hot Topics

Learn effective Communication skills & Conflict Resolution skills

Co-create a Vision for Fulfilling Marriage & Sexual Connection

*Who is it for?

  • EVERYONE: Opposite-sex & Same-sex Couples who are dating, engaged or married and are proactive & curious about learning tools to create a lifetime of love together

  • If you or your partner is ambivalent or unsure about taking the next step towards marriage

  • If you & your partner feel uncomfortable discussing about finances, religion, and relationship with in-laws etc

  • If this is your second marriage

*Benefits - Invest in your Future

  • Prevention - reduce the risk of divorce

  • Better understanding of you & your partner's compatibility

  • Identify strengths & problem areas

  • Stimulate open and honest dialogue around topics that are left unaddressed before commitment to the marriage

  • Learn effective strategies and avoid future problems before they start and foster teamwork

  • Develop confidence & increase stability in your relationship

*Cost - Great Gift for the Couple!

$975 per Couple

  • Couple's Assessment Report

  • Couple's Workbook

  • Bonus: Helpful cheat sheet & scripts/phrases to help the couple repair from the conflict fast!

*Research Proven Methods

Objective and reliable reports supported by decades of research.

  • SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts)

*Hot Topics Discussed

  • Characteristics/Qualities of a healthy relationship

  • Predictors for Divorce

  • Marriage Expectations & Vision

  • Financial Management

  • Cultural/Religious Differences

  • Marital Roles & Household Delegations

  • Individual stress vs Couple's stress

  • Transition to Parenthood & Parenting Styles

  • In-law Relationships

  • Conflict & Repair

  • Case Scenarios: What would you do...(in unforeseen/unpredictable life challenges)?

*Personalized - Unique Customization

Language Options for Prepare Enrich Couple's Report: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Taiwanese

Faith Customization:

  • Secular/Non-faith Specific

  • Inter-church/Inter-faith

  • Catholic

  • Protestant/Non-Denominational

  • Orthodox Christian

  • Jewish

4 structured sessions with

Couple's Assessment Report & Workbook

Build confidence about your relationship with skills-building exercises. It's fun & interactive!


Couples in a Committed Relationship


Engaged Couple

Baby Holding Parent

Newly Weds

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