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New York Office

Design & Live the life you want NOW 

Fulfillment in Career, Love & Sexual Intimacy

My hope is to support you in making a well-informed decision in finding approaches or strategies that gets you closer to your desired outcome and find ways to navigate through your pain, struggle, or problem.

Coming to therapy requires an investment of time and money. I will work with you to understand your needs and strive to offer insights, resources, and action-based skills to get you from stuck/confused/lost/hopeless place to a transformed state where you feel empowered and hopeful about the life you want to live.

Our journey together would involve exploring fulfillment in multiple dimensions of your life – Self, Relationship, Sexual Intimacy, and Career.

Yuko Ishikawa, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
EMDR Certified Therapist

Sex Therapist

I offer EMDR therapy, Individual Therapy, Career Coaching, Couples Therapy, Premarital Counseling, Discernment Counseling, Infertility Counseling, and Sex Therapy.


Holding Leaf
Couple's Feet in Bed

Individual Therapy
EMDR Therapy

Self Love

•Depression, Anxiety, Midlife Crisis

•PTSD, Trauma, Grief & Loss

•Cultural Oppression and Discrimination 

•Career Coaching

•Betrayal from an infidelity or an affair

•Recovery from a Break up or Divorce

•Stuck in a back & forth Toxic Relationship

•Dating Again - find Love in the year 2024!

- Know Thyself

- Learn to make a conscious choice to attract a healthy partner & relationship

Couples Therapy
Marriage Counseling

Being Loving & Feeling Loved

•Interracial Couples

•Cross-Cultural Relationships

Premarital Counseling: (for couples in a committed relationship, newly engaged & newlywed couples)


Discernment Counseling: (deciding to stay or leave the marriage or a toxic - back & forth - codependent relationship)

8 Session Series:

Improve Communication Skills

Acquire Conflict Resolution Skills

Financial Management for Couples

New Parents / Transition to Parenthood

An Orgasmic Bliss

•Infertility Counseling

-For the individual trying to conceive

-For the supporting partner

-For the couple

-Support Group for Women over 40

*Sex before/during/after Pregnancy

•Bringing Baby Home Parents Workshop

•Expand sexual pleasure with Tantra

•Explore Body Image

•Loss of intimacy - being a roommate

•Difference in Sexual Satisfaction

Schedule a FREE

20 Minutes Consultation

I invite you to set up an initial phone call with me so that I can better understand your struggles & it gives you an opportunity get the sense of my style and ask me any questions you may have.

I look forward to hearing from you!

I'll respond to you within 48 hours!

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